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Towards Optimism Psychological Services is not a bulk billing practice. We keep our fees well below those recommended by our professional bodies to ensure our services are as accessible as possible.

Please see payments for more information on our fees, rebates and payment options available at the time of your appointment.

Yes. We work with self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept referrals for NDIA-managed participants.

Yes, we do. In many cases, our clinical psychologists can connect with you through telehealth (video) sessions or through phone call sessions. There are some instances where telehealth may not be suitable and we will discuss alternative options with you.

Telehealth may be a preferred option for clients who don’t live locally, who prefer to connect from the comfort of their home, or simply need flexible appointment options.

While there is currently a very high demand for mental health support across Australia, we aim to provide a flexible and responsive service with minimal waiting periods (where possible).

In most cases, we will book you into the next available appointment to avoid being placed on a waitlist. There may be a wait for certain clinicians or specific services, which we will discuss with you directly. If we know of a service that could support you sooner, we will always let you know.

We understand that unexpected things happen and sometimes you can’t make it to your scheduled appointment. Our services are in constant high demand and our clinicians are paid for time spent directly with clients.

When a session is cancelled with short-notice or not attended, we are unable to offer that appointment to another client. This has an impact on your therapy, other clients waiting for urgent cancellation appointments, and ultimately, those clients on our waiting list.

The late-cancellation/non-attendance fee helps to compensates the clinical psychologist for the appointment time, and for the time they have put in preparing for your appointment.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who obtained a general medical degree before going on to complete further specialised study in the area of mental health (i.e., Psychiatry). As a result, they can prescribe medication, provide assessment and diagnosis of a range of mental health disorders, and may also provide psychotherapy.

Psychologists are allied health professionals trained in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of a range of psychological difficulties (i.e., depression, anxiety). All psychologists in Australia must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), and demonstrate they have met the core competencies required to practice as a Registered Psychologist.

Please note, our team members at Towards Optimism Psychological Services are all psychologists.

Clinical psychologists have completed a minimum of 6 years university training to become a Registered Psychologist. They then complete an additional 2 years of supervision, practice and training in the area of Clinical Psychology to be titled as a Clinical Psychologist. They have been endorsed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) as having specific skills in Clinical Psychology.

Clinical psychologists are trained to provide a range of assessment, diagnostic and treatment services to individuals with mental health conditions. Clinical psychologists use a range of techniques and therapies to meet the individual's goals for intervention.

Clinical Psychologists work in a variety of areas providing intervention for mild to complex conditions (either to individuals or groups), assessments (e.g., cognitive assessments), teaching, providing supervision, consulting with industry bodies, and other activities. Clinical psychologists can be found in Government, non-Government and private settings.

When making an enquiring we may ask you questions about the reasons you wish to see a psychologist. We ask these questions to find the most appropriate psychologist for your presentation.

You can make an appointment a few different ways*

  • Call us on (08) 7080 2018
  • Submit an enquiry form (have this link to the contact us page)
  • Send us an email at

*Please note: our time is spent providing therapy services with clients so we are unable to make appointments if you present on site.

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