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Referrals & Payments

There are several options you can consider when accessing a clinical psychologist at Towards Optimism Psychological Services. The option that is right for you will vary depending on your personal circumstances and your purpose for seeing a clinical psychologist.


The full-fee for a standard 50-minute appointment is $230. This fee applies for any private paying client or clients referred under a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP).

Clients receiving services through a third-party provider (e.g., NDIS, DCP, AFLPA, etc) will be charged the scheduled fee set by the third-party provider.

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If you wish to access a Medicare rebate for your sessions, you must have a valid Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) (your referral) completed by your GP, prior to your first appointment with your treating clinical psychologist.

The Better Access to Mental Health Scheme is a Medicare initiative which provides a rebate for up to 10 sessions of psychological treatment per calendar year.  For more information, please contact us or visit Better Access initiative | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.

Please note that a MHCP is for the provision of therapy. They are unable to be used for any form of assessment or report offered at Towards Optimism Psychological Services. If you require an assessment or specific report then please contact us regarding your specific needs.

How does the MHCP Work?

You will be required to pay the full fee on the day of your appointment.

Your Medicare rebate will be processed at the time of payment and is generally processed by Medicare (and returned to your nominated bank account) within 24-48 hours of your appointment. We recommend clients check with Medicare to ensure their nominated bank account details are up-to-date prior to your first appointment.

The psychologists at Towards Optimism Psychological Services are all Clinical Psychologists, meaning you will receive the maximum Medicare rebate for your appointment under a MHCP. Medicare rebates vary depending on the length of your appointment, but for a standard 50minute appointment, it will be $137.05.*

*Medicare update their rebates periodically. This rebate is accurate until 30 June 2024.


If you wish to pay privately (including using private health cover), you do not need a referral from your doctor to make an appointment.

Private clients are not restricted by number of sessions.

HiCAPS is available on site to process most private health fund rebates, and you will only need to pay the gap fee on the day of your appointment.

If you wish to use your private health fund, we recommend you check with your fund before your appointment, to determine their level of coverage for psychological treatment (as rebates differ between private health funds and policies).


Psychologists at Towards Optimism Psychological Services provide psychological services to NDIS participants who are Self-Funded or Plan Managed. For self-funded NDIS clients, you will need to pay on the day of the appointment. Clients who are plan-managed will have their invoice sent directly to their plan manager.


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